Nursing necklaces are not just for mums !

When I first started to design Nursing or baby-proof jewellery, I thought of the different ways a mum like me could use it. Traditionally, jewellery is meant to make us feel feminine, elegant, “jolies” etc…


One day, I had to leave my then baby boy to his daddy for a few hours to go food shopping ( he has since left the babyhood for toddler-hood and is letting me know this fact more and more often! ). Like many of you, I would be quite stressed when going off on my own, we’re so used to going everywhere with our babies, that when we get to be on our own, it’s a little bizarre and really hard to fully relax. I would keep thinking: Are they okay? Is he crying for me? Is he upset? Is he hungry? Ohh I need to hurry! Bla bla bla…. And of course, my partner probably goes mad when I call every 10 minutes to check on them !

Anyway, That day, I didn’t call, shopped as quickly as possible, came home, and… Surprise !!!! Who do I find wearing my necklace? My partner had put it on to settle our little monster who was starting to lose it! And it worked ! Since that day, every time I left our son to his daddy, I also left my necklace, almost like a set :) .

Why should a Dad wear Petit Pommier Creations necklace:

  1. We use natural material such as wood or cotton, which keeps and diffuse a scent. So ii a mum goes away for some time, this is a way of having her smell still around for the baby.

  2. A nursing necklace creates a bond between the carrier and the baby. If the carrier is wearing a necklace that the baby is used to see or interact with when being held by mummy, this provides something familiar and reassuring. A little bit like a dummy, or a comfort blanket.

  3. Our nursing necklaces are great for promoting the fine motor skills. Babies and toddlers love the sound wooden beads make and their diversity of colors and shapes. That’s a great way to keep them entertained!

  4. If you are giving a bottle to your baby, it can become tricky sometimes as they tend to look else where. A nursing necklace helps to keep your Bábóg focused when feeding.

  5. Our necklaces are great for teething ! We can quickly become helpless when our babies are teething. You know, when nothing comforts them, when they get cross for no apparent reasons, when they dribble so much that you have to change their bib every 5 minutes, and when they keep biting you !!! And usually, we can rarely find the teething ring in the house, or if you’re out and about, you either left it on the kitchen’s table, or it’s dirty because it fell off the buggy… Grrrrrrrr. That’s when the necklace comes in handy, because you always have it on!

    I can safely confirm all these key points because they have been tried and tested by other dads, who have discovered the great utility of our nursing necklaces, all by themselves.

    Just make sure your dear hubby or partner gives it back to you or you might not find it again ;)

Mícheál O’Leary keeping baby Séan busy on the plane…

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