Tonsil's trouble !

Hey everybody!

Last week, my little boy had Tonsillitis, and that was quite a dose! Neither of us slept for 5 days and nights , so we are now on the path to recovery :).

I haven’t been able to find any time to craft, but my creative muscles didn’t stop working, and sending me all those flashes of wonderful and exciting ideas! I just couldn’t wait to realize them. just like a child who cannot stop itself from dipping his/her little fingers into that deliciously looking homemade chocolate spread sitting next to the plate of warm pancakes that you’ve just left on the kitchen’s table. I guess, sometimes it is very therapeutic to let your innocent inner side come out, and I highly recommend it to everyone! Just let yourself go !! That’s why children are so wonderful. They make us look physically 20 years older, but give us so much love and they help us find that inner side. This side of our personality that can laugh for something insignificant yet hilarious, this one that loves getting wet under the rain and loves splish-splashing in a puddle. Children enjoy every second of their life, and even though they keep us extremely busy, tired stressed out, children really help us taking some time, maybe a minute , to enjoy it too.

So here i am , ordering the final beads that are missing to accomplish one of my new creations to come. This one is specifically designed for mums, and should be available here in a couple of weeks only!

I will write a post about it then, to explain how it works and what is so special about it.

I the meantime, I hope you and your family had a lovely Pancake Tuesday and I hope you spend the most wonderful time with your little loving monsters.


Tonsil trouble…