What is a nursing necklace?

As all parents know, when you have a baby, you can forget about regular jewelry. And just like me, they have probably put most of it away, in a box. They are thinking of the day their little one will be old enough to see them wearing a necklace or bracelet without trying to chew, break, or even harm themselves.

Well, a nursing necklace comes to the rescue of both PARENTS or/and CHILDMINDERS and BABIES! They make mum feel feminine and fashionable again, whilst being really practical for babies. In fact, the eye-catching colors, the shapes and textures attract little fingers and mouth and help to develop fine motor skills. The beads are safe to chew on and resist saliva and perspiration. In fact, with a nursing necklace, no need to worry about a teething ring because you have one around your neck at all time and everywhere you go! 
If you are breastfeeding or giving a bottle, your baby wants to feel the different beads and look at them. This also helps him to stay focused on the feeding time, rather than looking at what's going on all around...

So, nursing or breastfeeding necklace? It sometimes sounds a bit confusing. But, the reality is that some people will call them “nursing necklaces” and others will call them “breastfeeding necklaces”. I think the first one is the best, as it applies to any adult minding a baby/toddler/child.

- Men also find those nursing necklaces really practical (I will write a post about this subject very soon :) ).

-Granny’s minding their children’s babies are delighted to wear a baby proof necklace as they can keep their beautiful and precious beads safe.

-Not all mummies are lucky enough to go on the wonderful breastfeeding journey. But those who are not on that journey will still fully benefit from a nursing necklace when giving their baby a bottle or at any other time of the day.

Finally, we could call a nursing necklace "All in one necklace", as it provides with so many practical sides, and to be honest, I would still wear one if I wasn't a mum, simply because they are just beautiful, unique and make me feel good.