A Sustainable fashion: The Best of Nature for the Apple of your eye

Having a baby is the greatest gift you can receive. You are creating life and helping to raise a human being.

Life is amazing !

But when we conceive and/or raise our children, we’re so busy surviving on sleep deprivation that we don’t really think of the planet we’re leaving to them. This lovely, beautiful Earth is being destroyed by ourselves ! As a mum to a wonderful little boy, I wonder what kind of world do I want to leave for my child to live in? I want him to see this magical nature, the beautiful oceans, mountains, wild life etc… Now, nobody can ignore the extremely sad and desperate pictures of whales, dolphins, tortoises and countless animals, dying because some plastic and other synthetic waste ended up in their stomach, respiratory tracks or other organs.

Who likes to see this??

Polluted beaches are only a tiny aspect of the impact non-biodegradable waste have on the wild life environment.

That’s of course just one example . It’s not a secret, climate crisis is here, and factories making synthetic materials such as plastic and silicone (usually based in China so we simply ignore the conditions of work and the impact they have on the environment) are definitely not helping with the waste and emissions which can cause environmental issues.

As well as that, who enjoys going for a swim in a sea full of garbage or standing next to a beautiful beach or river that you cannot swim in because its water is too toxic? I don’t think anyone truly does. That’s why we MUST act now.

We, as parents and human beings, have a duty to protect OUR planet for all living species to survive, and for the future generations of humans that we create.

So, what can we do?

-We CAN CHOOSE to limit our consumption of synthetic materials such as plastic and non biodegradable substances.

-We CAN LIMIT packaging.

-We CAN TEACH our children to love our Planet and care for her.

This concern for the environment has led us at Petit Pommier Creations, to design our products with as much natural and sustainable materials as possible.


Breastfeeding necklaces

By Petit Pommier Creations

We use wooden beads ethically sources (mostly from Europe), Organic cotton cords and hand crocheted wooden beads, hemp cords and try to minimize the packaging. It’s a choice we made and that’s what makes us different. Our crocheted wooden beads are handmade in France by Valerie Laetaara, a lovely lady really passionate and extremely talented. You can visit her Facebook page here :


Choosing natural materials not only benefits the environment, it gives more sensibility to your children too. Wooden beads are beautiful. Babies and toddlers love their different grains, scents, textures, weight, etc. It’s a “noble” material extremely valuable to their development and it gives children from their early days, a sensibility to love and care for our nature, for our planet.

Be responsible

Be sustainable

Be fashionable…

Because Mother Nature knows best !

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