All necklaces are approximately 80 cm long but can be longer if needed. Due to the nature of wooden beads, their aspect and texture can vary and gives the necklaces their unique aspect.


Highest safety standards for toys and dummy chains

All the materials used are toxic free, checked and certified in accordance with the European toy norm DIN EN 71-3. Beads and cotton cords are from sustainable sources and/or organically grown.

Caution notice

A necklace isn’t a toy. Please, make sure it doesn’t show any sign of wear before letting your child in contact with it.

NEVER leave your child unattended with your necklace to prevent any accident.

Caring for your necklace

Do not sterilize. Wipe with a wet cloth and let it dry after cleaning or being chewed on.

To prevent the raw (unpainted) beads from loosing their shine, you can once in a while rub them with a clean cloth and a dash of bees or other natural wax.