Breastfeeding bracelet

Breastfeeding bracelet


This bracelet is extremely practical for any new mum. It’s a real fashionable tool that works like a clock to remember at what time the baby had his last feed ( breastfeeding or bottle fed works ). The wire is made from silver plate 1 micron, charms are in silver and stainless steel, the beads are in wood & pearl glass. This bracelet fits any size of wrist but if you need an extra size please email us and we will happily make you something special :) .


For the clock: Fix the charm after the bead that corresponds with the time that baby started his last feed.

For breastfeeding mums: it’s often hard at first to manage the rotation between both sides of breast, but with this bracelet, it becomes very easy. Simply put the bracelet on the wrist that’s on the same side as the breast that the baby fed with last.

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