The necklaces are not only practical, they have got us through many leaps and stages of distraction whilst nursing, but they are also stylish and go with everything. I would highly recommend these necklaces and they would make a beautiful gift for anyone expecting.
— Francesca
Was gifted a necklace from a friend, such a cool idea! I love funky jewelry anyway so it’s nice to be able to wear something that both myself and my daughter can enjoy on our nursing journey! So practical and makes a beautiful present will be spreading the word
— Claire
I didn’t think these necklaces would be my thing.....but since I got my necklace a couple of weeks ago it has become an essential. The minute I got it my 9 month old daughter was immediately attracted to the beads and started playing and chewing away. We’ve had so many gifts for teething...sofie the giraffe, teething rings etc but they have either been lost or are not around when you need them. I put this on in the morning and take it off at night and if my daughter needs something to chew on or distract her, there it is. The cotton textured bead is my daughter’s favourite. I would highly recommend as a really practical gift, in beautiful styles and colours.
— Caitriona